There are other lesser advantages such as no cigarette smoke and no crowds to deal with. There are always games open to bet on and at bet levels the customer is comfortable to bet.

Another advantage of online play is the better online casinos reward players with points that can be converted into cash. They also offer bonuses on deposits up to a maximum amount. The bonus is typically capped at $500.

Many online casinos offer more versions of games than many land-based casinos. They also offer them at all betting levels. The reason they can do this is simple. It cost very little to spread a game online compared to what it cost in a live casino with employees. The floor space of a live casino must return maximum return per square foot of space. Online casinos have virtually unlimited space. The other advantage that online casinos have is it takes very few employees to run an online casino compared with a live casino with employees.

This accounts for the bonuses that they can hand out monthly or weekly to their customers. One of the ways to compare online casinos is to look at their bonus program as well as the deposit and withdrawal rules.

Since online casinos are open to all Internet based players, the clientele comes from all over the world and from different time zones. This accounts for the fact that these casinos are busy day and night with players from around the world. This helps all table games like poker, baccarat and blackjack. A player can play at a table with other players if they wish to do so.

The various slot machine games offered from online casinos is extremely high and varied in content. There are many interesting variations of slots that are available from online casinos. There are far more of them than a player would find in a land-based casino.

Many of the standard table games that are offered online also have an extra feature that can be wagered on. These are bonus plays that can pay serious prize money if the right cards are dealt.

Again the online casino can offer this, as it does not slow down the play like it might in a live casino. Casinos are very interested in number of hands dealt per hour and online casinos deal far more hands per hour than a land-based one.
This interest comes from them knowing that a certain number per hour or more is to their advantage. Their game edge comes into play the more hands a player plays. Of course if the player is running lucky this could work in his favor.

Convenience, no long trip to play and variety are the basic reasons for the popularity of online casinos. The lack of noise, smoke and dealing with crowds are

another set of reasons that people like to play online. Being able to play in your

PJs is a plus to some people who do not like to dress up to go out and about.

Play when you like and only then are a real plus for busy people, who like to gamble, but have very little spare time. Online casinos offer the ability to do it when you want without any restrictions other than a working computer. If you have not tried out an online casino, do give it a try and you may find that you like it.